Daily Summer Activitis 7 and 8

Daily Summer Activitis 7 and 8


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(2018) Soon-to-be eighth graders can benefit from working on their educational skills during the summer with the Evan-Moor Daily Summer Activities, Between 7th Grade and 8th Grade Activity Book. Your kids will be more prepared for moving from gr. 7 to gr. 8, as well as for high school the following year, by sharpening their skills in areas like reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics, geography and critical thinking. If your child is nervous about going from grade seven to grade eight, our recently updated summer activity workbook is the perfect learning companion. Enhance Math Skills – Older students can benefit greatly in the summer from working on important math activities like word problems, fractions, decimals and measurements Creative Writing and Thinking – Each of the week’s lessons includes two creative writing exercises and a critical thinking activity to keep your soon-to-be eighth grader on top of his or her game Help with Reading Comprehension – Kids will tackle a pair of reading passages each week, which will help them improve their reading comprehension skills 10 Weeks of Lessons – With our teaching supplement, your child can benefit from these daily activities over a 10-week period Spelling Activities – Even junior high students aren’t too old to improve their spelling, and our lessons offer 12 new spelling words each week