Book of Epiphanies

Gamal Al-Ghitani


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كتاب التجليات (English) A surrealist novel edged with satire that comments on political issues, a son’s relationship with his father, and current events, all in hands of a master storyteller In this surrealist novel with political and religious aspects and an edge of satire, the narrator is an unseen, unheard presence with the privilege of observing events from the past, mostly those involving his father and grandfather. Inanimate objects that have “witnessed” events (such as a date palm, or a brick in a hospital wall) report to the narrator, who seems to know no temporal or physical boundaries. A sense of displaced time saturates the blending of real and unreal events, such as the fight in the desert around Karbala against Israel and the forces of the West (including William Casey (the former CIA director), the narrator’s father, Gamal Abdel Nasser, and al-Husayn). Nasser, who has miraculously reappeared after his death, is shocked and appalled to find that peace has been brokered with Israel and that Israelis have made Egypt a holiday destination.