Bits And Pieces

Naureen Youssef


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Do you sometimes feel trapped in the thoughts your mind produces?Do you need a dose of positivity in your day?Do you sometimes feel alone in your daily struggles and even in your happy times?Then you are at the right choice…..This book “Bits and Pieces” is filled with emotional and deep quotes, poems, and short stories. It consists of more than 250 different pieces regarding love, motivation, death, heartbreaking, and much more….This book is not only a reading book but it inspires you to let go of your worries and move on in your life. It will help you overcome your hard time and soothe your headache. If you want to move on in your life then this “Bits and Pieces” will be a great addition to your collection and as well to your life.So, don’t wait anymore! Sit with your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy the empowering and beautiful words written in “Bits and Pieces”.Quickly grab your copy today!