Better Parenting With The Enne

Better Parenting With The Enne

Ann Gadd


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“Explores each of the 9 types as children and teens, including their positive and more challenging traits, their triggers and fears, and how you can help your child find emotional health and achieve their full potential

Looks at each of the 81 parent-child type combinations and shows how each combination works at its best as well as what happens under pressure

UNDERSTANDING HOW WE PARENT and why helps us to become better parents. Seeing life through the filters of our Enneagram type lets us connect with our children in a healthy and more conscious way.

Certified Enneagram practitioner and experienced parent Ann Gadd explores the 9 Enneagram parenting types and the 9 Enneagram child types, revealing each type’s strengths and challenges as well as exploring all 81 parent-child type combinations. A fun quiz helps you discover your parenting style, whilst highlighting gifts as well as areas for improvement. Getting to grips with the emotional inner core of your kids, you gain insight into positive and more challenging traits of each Enneagram type child and how to encourage the best from them. Better Parenting with the Enneagram is like having your own personal manual–for yourself and your child. You’ll learn what drives them, what they fear most, what inspires them, and most importantly, how you can best relate to them, whether they are young kids, pre-teens, or teenagers.”