Anything But My Phone, Mom!

Roni Cohen-Sandler


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“It may feel as though your preteen or teenage daughter is growing up in a different universe than you did. Between smartphones, social media, and cyberbullying, the world is changing. Technology is transforming how girls identify themselves, learn, develop social skills, and communicate with the people around them. Many mothers feel as though they are venturing into alien territory, with no idea how to navigate these unprecedented situations. But the good news is that regardless of your technological skill, you are still the best person to guide your daughter through all the chaos of adolescence.

In Anything But My Phone, Mom! Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler shows mothers how to handle the modern challenges of parenting teenage girls, drawing upon dozens of interviews with teenagers and their mothers, decades of clinical experience, and her own experience raising a daughter. With clear, practical advice, she provides insights and strategies for how you can better understand your daughter and what she’s going through, maintain a close and loving relationship with her, keep her safe, and help her become a resilient, capable, confident, and healthy young woman.”