Anti-dandruff Blend 30ml

Anti-dandruff Blend 30ml


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This essential oil blend from Juzour Botanica is your ultimate weapon if you are in a battle with hair dandruff and those little white flakes that keeps embarrassing you.

Starting the blend with Teatree oil with its refreshing feeling and strong attacks against dandruff, Ginger oil which is ideal for soothing scalp dryness and itching, Coconut oil to maintain deep conditioning and Peppermint oil with its minty aroma to impart a refreshing smell and tingly sensation on the scalp.

Along with Lemongrass oil known for its anti-bacterial properties and its ability to remove any dirt accumulations on the scalp. With few drops of Rosemary oil to control sebum production. Never forget our favorite carrier oil; Sweet almond oil to help in dilution.

All hair types.

Mix 10 drops of Juzour Botanica Anti-dandruff blend into your shampoo or conditioner and leave it on hair for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Before hair washing