Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Illustrated: A Formal Writing S

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Illustrated: A Formal Writing S

Trevor Naylor


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Presented in a high-quality Chinese-bound format with accompanying artwork, Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Illustrated provides a compact, easy-to-understand introduction to the writing system of Ancient Egypt.
The Ancient Egyptians used a hieroglyphic writing system that still resonates today. These hieroglyphics were discovered by adventurers and archeologists in temples and tombs and on papyrus documents, telling of the everyday life, religion, and history of this 5,000-year-old civilization. In Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Illustrated, explore the logograms for popular concepts such as “sun,” “house,” and “mountain,” as well as more complex ideas such as Ajet, or “sun rising over mountains”; marvel at Tutankhamun’s full name as marked on his tomb, which is portrayed using a reed, a wave of water, a falcon, an ankh symbol, and a series of staffs; learn about the two outstretched arms of the Ka symbol, which represents the mortal life and soul of a person; and wonder at the Ouroboros, a symbol that shows a snake-like animal that swallows its own tail, representing eternal struggle. Each of more than 150 entries includes a description of the written form and an explanation of its meaning.