Aegypten, Kunst und Architektu

Aegypten, Kunst und Architektu

Regine Schulz & Matthias Seide


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(2006) Precious Egypt (German)

The big little book of Egyptian art and architecture

Focusing on the fascinating history and cultural monuments of ancient Egypt, and through vibrant illustrations and informative text, Precious Egypt— small in size but huge in scope and content— brings alive the archaeological sites and their artwork, allowing their significance and beauty to clearly emerge. A unique depth of information is achieved with over 600 color illustrations, and around 60 maps, layouts, and ground plans. A comprehensive appendix providing background information in a quick and lucid form augments the geographical structure of the book, which ranges from Alexandria to Abu Simbel. The book includes: • Complete descriptions of the most important places of interest and monuments • A depiction of every monument discussed • Numerous essays on cultural and historical themes • Pictorial city maps and ground plans • An illustrated chronological table • Pharaonic names in hieroglyphs • A calendar and time calculation • Numbers, weights and measures • A glossary of architectural terms • The ancient Egyptian gods • A descriptive glossary • A comprehensive index