1930s Fashion

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Charlotte Fiell


Sold Out!

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“Framed by two world-changing events – the economic crash of 1929 and the outbreak of the Second World War – the 1930s saw new looks emerge and thrive, despite economic and social uncertainty.

This was the decade of the bias cut, the statement shoulder, the puff sleeve, the tea dress, the fur shrug and the floor-length evening gown. It was also the era that saw Hollywood challenge Paris’s fashion crown and its stars become fashion icons, signalling a new grown-up direction in womenswear design.

Packed with over 500 original photographs, illustrations and sketches from the decade, this is an essential guide for any fashion historian, student or vintage enthusiast. These classic images have been selected from popular fashion publications of the day, mail-order catalogues and Hollywood studio press shots, including material from Chic Parisien, Harper’s Bazaar, Sears, La Femme Chic and film studios Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount.”