1% Principle

Tom O'Neil


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(2014) How small steps – literally a 1% change in what you are doing today – can dramatically improve your life and potential Almost everyone will experience a sense of ‘being in a rut’ at some stage in their life. Whether you are stuck in a job you hate or are getting passed over for promotion, whether your relationship has lost its magic or you are struggling with your weight and fitness – these situations over time will sap your motivation and well being. There are many books and programmes which offer ways to immediately turn your life around. The reality for most of us though, is that these approaches simply don’t work over the long term. Smaller steps over a long period of time will have a greater, more beneficial and successful effect on your life than bigger steps in a shorter period of time. But how do we identify which changes can have the maximum impact? This book shows you through highly practical exercises, tips and real life examples how you can ‘tweak your way to success’.