Winter Blast Camp 2023 2 Days

Winter Blast Camp 2023 2 Days


Toy Making Workshop: (Loza, Zakzouk & Animal Friends)

Designing, sewing, making simple patrons, making soft fabric pets (cat /dog) & much more.


Science Workshop

Introduction to renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the concept of Go Green, a  board game which summarizes these concepts. There will be experiments for: the usage of solar panels to generate electricity, the usage of wind turbines to generate electricity, recycling & more.


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We’re back with another Winter Camp Blast brought to you by Kids Workshop! A camp filled with exploration, hands-on experiments, creativity, and more! The camp is suitable for girls and boys for age groups 4-6 and 7-12. Each day will be divided into two components, a toy making workshop and a science workshop. There will be a break in between, please send in a healthy lunch with your kids to enjoy.


Cycle 1: Monday Jan 30, Tuesday Jan 31, Wednesday Feb 1

Cycle 2: Monday Feb 6, Tuesday Feb 7, Wednesday Feb 8

Diwan, Heliopolis

10:00am to 2:00pm