True and the Rainbow Kingdom:

True and the Rainbow Kingdom:


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(2021) Age range 3+

Join True’s best friends in their fantastic adventures!

True is a fearless eight-year-old who helps the whimsical citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom alongside her best friend, Bartleby the Cat. When something goes awry in the Kingdom, True is the only one with the ability to wake the powers of the Magical Wishes of the Wishing Tree. She keeps the citizens safe and empower those around her with imagination, empathy, and mindfulness.

This set includes four book:


The Rainbow King is sick. Zee decides to take care of him…

Grizelda’s Robot

Oh no! The Grizelda’s giant robot is wreaking havoc in the kingdom!

Ninja Kitty

Will Bartleby succeed to earn his Red Tabby Belt at the Kittynati Dojo?

Little Helpers

Little Helpers are not taking care of the big things in the kingdom anymore. What to do?