The Motherhood Maker 2

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The Motherhood Maker 2


Sold Out!

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Session 1: Thursday 9th of March

How do you handle toxic people?

Do you question yourself whether interacting with people should be much easier than the efforts and hard-work you normally exert? Especially with the close people around you be that a close family member, a spouse, a colleague at work or a friend

Session 2: Thursday 16th of March

First time mum!

Motherhood is a long and hard journey, but it is the most rewarding and self-fulfilling if practiced correctly and in good balance.

Being a first time mum is very challenging, but with the building blocks of beginning the journey, life can be more assuring and easier for many.

Learning to listen to what your body needs and what your baby is trying to say is key in understanding and hopefully accepting the life-changing experience.