The Mediums’ Book: containing

The Mediums’ Book: containing

Allan Kardec


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“The Mediums’ Book, which deals with natural and supernatural faculties, comprises two parts. In the first part, Allan Kardec reviews the Preliminary Notions of the Spirit World, deals with the existence of Spirits, the Supernatural and the Marvelous, the method of proceeding with the Materialists and the Skeptics, as well as the Systems.

The second part deals with Spiritual Manifestations and constitutes the analysis and the experimentality of the Spiritist Method of Knowledge and Communication whose foundation lies in the Mediumship Faculty of the Human Being.

The Mediums’ Book contains the Special Teaching of Spirits on the Theory of all kinds of Manifestations, Means of Communicating with the Invisible World, Development of Mediumship, Difficulties and Pitfalls that can be encountered in the Practice of Spiritism.”