Thanks for the Memories

Cecelia Ahern


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A compelling and perceptive tale of intimacy, memory and relationships from the bestselling author How can you know someone youve never met? Joyce Conway leaves hospital after recovering from a terrible accident. Having faced a near-death experience, she is suddenly awakened to the stark reality of her futile marriage, and vows to start afresh – separating from husband Conor and moving back in with her dad. Justin Hitchcock arrives in Dublin to give a guest lecture. Recently divorced and living near his daughter Bea, but far from his Chicago home, hes lonely and restless. When beautiful doctor Sarah persuades him to give blood, he nonchalantly accepts, hoping hell at least get a date with her. Then one rainy evening, Joyce and Justin cross paths in the strangest of circumstances. They have no idea that their fates are more entangled than they could ever have imagined …