Skill Sharpeners Grammar and P

Skill Sharpeners Grammar and P


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(2019) With the Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners Grammar and Punctuation Grade 5, Full-Color Activity Book, parents will be able to give their fifth-graders a boost in the classroom in reading and writing success. Our homeschooling workbook contains 15 different units that introduce different grammar and punctuation concepts. Each unit has a unique theme, including outer space and sports, with reading texts that will appeal to grade five students. We use a variety of riddles and word games that will keep gr. 5 children engaged while they’re learning these important grammar and punctuation rules.

Writing Practice

– We include a Write It Right page within each unit, which allows the homeschooled students to show off what they’ve learned

Better Reading Results

– By showing improvement in understanding punctuation and grammar concepts, fifth-graders will see a natural improvement in their reading comprehension

15 Themed Units

– Each section in the homeschool activity book has a different theme that will appeal to grade five students, including sports, science and outdoor activities

Introducing Punctuation Concepts

– Kids will learn how to make use of apostrophes, quotation marks, semicolons and commas with our punctuation workbook

Understanding Grammar Rules

– Some of the ideas introduced in our grammar activity book include singular pronouns, subject and verb agreement, prepositions and sentence fragments