Robocar Poli

Marine Guion


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(2021) Follow the heroes of the Robocar rescue team on their action-packed missions! These four board books are packaged in a sturdy box with a handle that young readers can bring everywhere they go!

The set includes 4 books:

Helly’s Rescue

Helly disobeys Jin by flying all over the town on a story day.

Climbing Mission

Amber has trouble climbing a cliff and keeps trying until she gets to the top!

On Fire

Roy performs several rescue missions without taking a break. Careful, Roy, you might have an accident yourself!

Poli’s Fear

Camp has a new caterpillar collection. Everyone wants to see it–except Poli!

Based on the popular animated series.

About Robocar Poli: The Robocar rescue team keeps the streets of Broomstown safe. When there’s trouble, Poli the police car, Roy, the fire truck, Amber the ambulance and Helly the helicopter are always ready to come to the rescue!