Power and Impact (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

Power and Impact (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

Dan Cable & Peter Bregman


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(2019) Wield your power for greater influence and impact.
With formal authority comes power. But few people realize that informal power–the kind that doesn’t come with a title–can have just as much impact. How do you use your power for greater influence?
This book explains how power affects our emotions, our behavior, and how we work with others. You’ll learn how to use self-awareness to keep your power in check, connect with the right people to create more value, respond to abuses of power, and leave a lasting impression.
This volume includes the work of:
Dan Cable
Peter Bregman
Harrison Monarth
Dacher Keltner
HBR’s Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, essential reading on the human side of professional life from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master.