Photography Workshop 101

Photography Workshop 101


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Photography 101 is a 4 classes course plus a field trip that helps you to understand your digital camera and build basic photography skills with no prior experience required. Using a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, including camera handling, composition, effective use of light, file management, and discovering your photographic vision. 

Photography Workshop 101 with Aly Hazzaa

5 sessions every Monday starting Feb 20

20-2, 27-2, 6-3, 13-3, 20-3 

Diwan, Heliopolis


Price: 3,000LE

Course Outline: 

Day 1 Camera basics 

-Camera types 


-Camera basic settings (color – jpg vs Raw -focus) 

-Different fields of photography 

Day 2 Light 

-How to read light 

-How the camera sees light (camera metering modes) 

-Exposure triangle (Shutter speed-ISO-Aperture) 

-Exposure compensation. 

Day 3 Composition 

-How to apply composition guides and when to break them. 

-Angle and perspective. 

-Depth of field and composition. 

Day 4 Editing and retouching and Archiving. 

Editing (selecting your photos). 

-Lightroom & photoshop (Basic retouching skills). 


Day 5 Photo walk 

Walking in old Cairo practicing what we have learned with the guidance from the instructor. Practicing most fields in photography (landscape, portraiture architecture and street photography)

The duration of each lecture is 2 hours. 

A DSLR or a mirrorless camera is a must. 

Paper and pencil are important.