My Not-So Perfect Life

Phillips Karen


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(2009) Every girl wishes she had a perfect life, with perfect clothes, perfect friends, perfect parents and perfect hair. Especially perfect hair. But, in real life, the typical tween’s life is better than perfect — it is interesting. So interesting that it deserves to be recorded in all its glorious imperfection. My [Not-So] Perfect Life celebrates a tween’s real life, bumps and all. It is a journal filled with friendly, funny writing prompts designed to overcome blank-page anxiety. Love, destiny, parents, friends, going to school, being cool – no subject is off limits. A sparkly pencil in a handy holster, funky and funny artwork and text with an ever-so-slightly smart-aleck attitude make writing on these pages just about irresistible. To embody the concept, the title on the cover transforms to read “”My Perfect Life”” or “”My [Not-So] Perfect Life,”” depending on the angle of your approach. (There’s a metaphor for you.) In a world of pressure to act and look and be perfect in every way, this friendly prompted journal gives girls a way to celebrate their not-so-perfect selves.