My Creative Space

My Creative Space

Donald M Rattner


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(2020) A great deal of psychological and productivity research has gone into discovering how the design of the physical environment can improve creative performance, yet nearly all of it has focused on the workplace, commercial spaces, and schools. What has been largely overlooked is the one place we spend more time in than anywhere else and where more people than ever are now working: the home. My Creative Space shows how readers can boost their creative output by applying science-backed techniques to the design and decoration of their home regardless of size, type, style, or location.

Readers will:

Learn practical techniques to shape a home for peak idea generation

Acquire insights into how everyday activities at home can boost creative performance at work, play, and school

Discover hands-on household products designed to foster creative skills

Gain a new understanding of the meaning and psychology of creativity

Read about the best lighting to foster a creative environment, how to use walls to capture ideas, why round shapes spur greater creativity than straight lines, the benefits of incorporating nature into your surroundings, and more.