Motivational Yoga

Motivational Yoga

Nancy Gerstein


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“Motivational Yoga presents 100 ready-to-use lesson plans to help save yoga teachers preparation time and understand how to bring key concepts and philosophies into practice. The ready-to-use lesson plans vary in length and progress, making it great for all ability levels. The beginning lessons focus on body and breath awareness, basic postures and the benefits of yoga. The following chapters encompass the yamas and niyamas, relaxation, the heart center, chakras, meditation and more. Lesson plans for children, older adults, athletes and pregnant women ensure you re ready to serve all populations. Each lesson plan offers a written script for use in class. For beginning teachers, these scripts provide a helpful structure and set the stage for mindful yoga instruction. More advanced teachers can use these lessons and scripts as a creative departure point for expanding on the wellness effects of asana or focusing the day s practice. Five full-length workshop lesson plans let you expand your teaching outside of a traditional class to offer focused workshops to your clients on popular topics such as Spring Cleaning Yoga Detox, Introduction to Meditation and more. With each lesson, Motivational Yoga demonstrates how the strength, balance and stretching of the physical practice can inspire a healthy, complete and joyous existence.”