Mood Cards

Mood Cards

Andrea Harrn


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(2021) An easy-to-use mental health resource based on mindfulness, CBT and positive psychology. This pack of cards demystifies psychology and mental health labels and offers a fun and accessible way to help you identify and explore moods, feelings and emotions.

Following the success of the original bestselling The Mood Cards Box 1, this new, stand-alone volume offers 50 cards to help you work with more complex emotions and behaviours, so that you can embark on a deeper journey of self-discovery. Learn more about your issues and obstacles, and how you operate in relationships and work situations, and gain new insights and perspectives that will take you forward to success and a healthy work/life balance. Each card includes guided questions for self-exploration plus an affirmation for positive thinking, and the pack is suitable for personal and professional use alike. The format is the same as Box 1.

The cards are being used in the following settings:

• Adults and teenagers

• Parents and families

• Counsellors, coaches and psychologists

• Meditation and mindfulness groups

• Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities

• SEN settings

• Social care settings: probation services, children’s services, adoption services

• Mental health settings, such as anxiety groups, PTSD awareness, brain injury units, addiction services, carers groups, bereavement support.

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