Inside the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Inside the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Jacqueline Morley


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* Inside the Tomb of Tutankhamun approaches its subject from two angles: firstly it explores the world of Ancient Egypt and the politics surrounding the rule of the boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun; secondly, it looks at the pioneering work of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in the 1920s, and the fascination as the world looked on in awe at their discoveries. * The book not only provides an invaluable introduction to a particularly turbulent period of Egyptian history, but also seeks to answer questions about what happened to the Tomb in the years following Tutankhamuns burial. * The book features cutaway diagrams, picture-strips of the lives of Tutankhamun and Carter, illustrations of Ancient Egyptian life, maps and impressive photographs taken during the excavation and afterwards. * Informative captions, a complete glossary, time lines and an index make this title an ideal educational text. * Fits into the guidelines for Key Stage 2 History – A study of the key features, including the everyday lives of men, women and children, of Ancient Egypt. * Also fits into Key Stage 3 History as a study of some of the significant individuals, events and developments from across the twentieth century. * Helps achieve the goals of the Scottish Standard Curriculum 5-14, promoting positive attitudes to learning, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world and skills in literacy.