Enneagram, Relationships

Enneagram, Relationships

David Daniels & Suzanne Dion


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(2018) There are numerous self-help, relationship books out there. Some are written about love and intimacy, some about gender differences, and some about personality types and how they relate to one another. Some books discuss the importance of early secure attachment (or lack thereof) and plenty too have been written about romantic relationships and how to make them better. This book is a bit different. This book, written by David N. Daniels, M.D., Clinical Professor Emeritus Stanford Medical School and Suzanne Dion, Enneagram teacher, brings their shared personal passion for human development, healthy relating, and the Enneagram system of personality to understanding one another, loving better, and living more fully. Loving better and living more fully is possible for everyone. “The Enneagram, Relationships and Intimacy” is an innovative yet practical “relationships mindfulness” book, bringing the wisdom of the Enneagram to Dr. Daniel J. Siegel’s groundbreaking mindful awareness teachings. The book begins with an understanding of how early attachment relationships impact our personality structure and its development, and consequently, how that development impacts the relationship we come to develop with ourselves and then with others. These understandings provide a development path that can be applied and practiced in daily life so that all forms of relating can shift from unwanted struggle to much wanted fulfillment. By learning each of the Enneagram types in combination with the principles of self-awareness and mindfulness, we can come to consciously foster an openhearted, receptive style of relating, which in turn fills us with love and grace in lieu of fear and defendedness. The authors combine powerful knowledge of the biology of relationships, the anatomy of love, and the structure of personality to provide readers with the incisive insights needed to build stronger relational foundations all the way to moving themselves toward necessary and desired change in one’s intrapersonal life as well as important relationships. Bringing this book to fruition was the passionate focus of much of David’s time, exploration, and thought the last many years of his life and was an honor for co-author, Suzanne Dion, to see through to completion. Suzanne brings to the book her work as an Enneagram teacher and coach and her deep study of early childhood trauma, the healing of trauma, and how we develop our capacity to bring a full self, and more vulnerable self, to relationships. Within it holds David and Suzanne’s endearing understanding of being human, our deep need for self- and other- compassion, and a devotion to contributing to a more loving world.