Children of the Nile 2 Caesar

Children of the Nile 2 Caesar

Alain Surget & Fabrice Parme


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Having saved Cleopatra once before, the children of the Nile are faced with yet another plot to thwart. This time, pirates are threatening Alexandria, the capital of Ancient Egypt. The three children may be brave, but they’re only ten years old…So when they hear talk of a certain Roman general named Caesar, they know who to go to for help! Children of the Nile is a fun-packed historical adventure series filled with quirky characters and vile villains. Set in the time of Cleopatra, this series tells the story of three 10 year old Egyptian children, Imeni, Antonios and Cleo, whose lives are intertwined with some of the best-known events of Egyptian history. Children of the Nile is an historically accurate series of stories about Egypt through the eyes of imaginative, adventurous children featuring unique duotone illustrations in a cartoon style.