Brain Fitness Book

Rita Carter


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(2021) Packed with expert advice, brain tests, and a range of exercises to stimulate your memory and mental agility, The Brain Fitness Book will equip you with everything you need to keep your brain working to its maximum potential.

Inside the pages of this scientifically based brain fitness program, you’ll find:

• Clear, easy-to-understand visual explanations on how the brain works, how it recalls memories, and how and why it forgets

• Practical advice on how to maintain and build a healthy brain

• Step-by-step mental exercises and activities to help train your brain – from sudoku to learning a language

Discover how to achieve a brain-healthy lifestyle! This empowering guide highlights the role of quality sleep, a healthy diet, and physical exercise to help you look after both your physical and mental well-being. It’s the perfect book for anyone concerned about their mental health, in terms of memory loss or stress, anxiety, and the risk of depression.

Packed with brain exercises, logic puzzles, and mind maps, this brain activity book offers a balanced, clear, colorful, and practical guide to keeping your brain fit. It also includes step-by-step introductions to activities varying from playing the guitar to beginning yoga and tai chi, all to aid you in keeping your brain fit, healthy, and young