Battles Map by Map

Battles Map by Map


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(2021) If you’re a keen history nut interested in wars fought through the ages, this book is for you. Wars and engagements like the Battle of Alesia, the Napoleonic Wars, and World War II are mapped out, major battle by major battle, so that readers can follow the geography of these epic battles.

SI Battles Map by Map puts you in the seat of famous generals and commanders such as Ramess II, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great who expertly planned their attacks by studying the plains on which they would take place. Inside this book you’ll find:

– Around 80 specially made, easy-to-follow main maps clearly show the course of famous battles throughout history

– Fascinating contemporary maps that illustrate battles

– Timelines that show the chronology of events to enhance readers’ understanding

– Stunning historic images bring history to life on the page

– Easy-to-read text that explains the events of the battles

– Additional contextual information on key technologies, leaders, armies, and more