80/20 Manager

Richard Koch


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2015 A large number of managers – especially in these difficult times – feel completely overwhelmed. Their inboxes are overflowing, they constantly struggle to finish their to-do lists and they stay at work longer than they would like to, leaving little time for the things that really matter.

Luckily there is a way for managers to enjoy work and build a successful and fulfilling career without stress or long hours.

In his bestselling book The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch showed readers how to put the 80/20 Principle – the idea that 80 per cent of results come from just 20 per cent of effort – into practice in their personal lives. Now he demonstrates the few things you need to do in the workplace to multiply the results you achieve.

By applying the strategies outlined in The 80/20 Manager, you will:

– Put in fewer hours than your colleagues yet never be short of time

– Learn to focus only on the issues that really matter, and ignore those that don’t

– Achieve exceptional results by working less hard

– Feel successful every day